What We Do…

Wirral Alloy Wheel Restorations use the following method to repaint and refurbish your alloy wheel .

  • The damaged Wheel is removed from the vehicle
  • Wheel is  thoroughly cleaned washed and degreased using special alloy cleaner carried onboard . Access to clean water or garden hose may be required .
  • Tyres are pushed away from the rim this allows for full paint and lacquer coverage right up to and including the rim and the outer most  edge  of the alloy wheel.

Wheels are prepped burrs and damage sanded and smoothed large chips filled with alloy repair gel and sanded to smooth finish .

  • Wheels are primer coated to inhibit corrosion
  • Wheels are painted to your colour choice or matched to the original
  • The wheels are then sprayed with a clear UV cured lacquer this enhances the finish and protects the paint .
  • The whole Alloy wheel is then  baked in our patented UV oven until fully cured providing a tough outer top coat that meets or exceeds original factory finish .
  • The tyres are then re inflated to correct pressure and refitted to the vehicle .
  • And finally complimentary tyre dressing is applied to the tyre to complete the service and make it look as good as new !

Wirral Alloy Wheel Restorations

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