Frequently Asked Questions

Alloy Wheel

How much does it cost?
Prices range from £50 per wheel

How long does it take ?
usually 1-2 hours per wheel

Are you insured?
We have full public liability insurance

Can you work on cracked or bent wheels?
No we cannot repair this type of damage

Can I use my vehicle once the work is finished?
Yes, once the wheel is back on the vehicle you will be able to use the car immediately.

What do you need?
We just need a flat standing area and be within 20m of a power socket and access to clean water if possible.

Can you repair split rims?
If you have split rim you need to contact us for further information.

Can you match the colour of the wheels?
Yes, we have full colour matching facilities and can usually match most colours . However, on the rare occasion that we cannot match the paint exactly we would notify you. As we repair the whole wheel you will not see any difference on that wheel overall.

Will it increase the value of my car?
Yes, as damaged wheels do devalue a vehicle. when selling privately or trading in

Can you repair diamond cut wheels?
Depending on the damage repairs can be effected. However we will consult with you and advise accordingly  you may choose to have all 4 repainted as this is easier to manage if other repairs are needed in the future.

And finally

OUR advice is “FREE” it’s the only genuine free and by free we mean free no strings attached and  no cost to you offer any business can truly give  a potential or existing customer ! So please call us if you think we can help or you just like something for free !

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